After a lesson in taking off on a gentle slope with your paragliding instructor, you will leave the ground without the slightest hint of vertigo. Comfortably installed in your harness seat in front of your pilot, you will be able to enjoy an aerial view of the valley and surrounding mountain peaks.
During the tandem flight, if you feel like it you will be given the chance to fly the dual-control paraglider. And for those who like a bit of an adrenalin rush, your pilot will also suggest a short programme of aerobatics!
The paraglider will gentle land in a grassy field and the impact on touch-down should be no greater than jumping off a stool.
Open to all, young and old (children from 20 kg)

Most paragliding landings occur within the commune of Bourg Saint Maurice at the Ilettes or next to Bourg Saint Maurice train station. As for take-offs, they can happen at a variety of spots but mainly at Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and Les Chapelles.


Tandem or discovery paragliding flights take place in the morning only, between 7.30 am and 10.30 am with the first rays of sun which ensure calm and peaceful aerology.
Take-off occurs on south facing slopes of the valley, facing Les Arcs, either from the Versant du Soleil or Fort de La Platte for a flight over the mountain pastures and traditional villages.
We suggest tandem flights for children and those wishing to fly a paraglider in very calm conditions.
We have harness seats suited to very small people.

- WHO: Particularly suitable for those who don't weigh much and want a "peaceful" paraglider flight.
- DURATION: flight time 10 mins, allow 45 mins in total
- WHERE: at Bourg Saint Maurice at the Arcs En Ciel Paragliding School or on the landing strip depending on the time of the flight
- WHEN: from 7.30 am
- RATE: 80 €


25 mins of tandem paragliding pleasure with a total change in altitude of 1,200 metres! You will have all the time you need to gaze on the surrounding peaks and our beautiful Haute Tarentaise valley, and most of all to discover the wonderful sensation of flying!


Access to the paraglider take-off spot is via the funicular that links Bourg Saint Maurice to Les Arcs 1600 where you will take a chair lift to the top of the Cachette piste at 2,100 metres altitude. From there, take-off is on a gentle, grassy slope.
You will then discover the breathtaking view of the south face of the Mont Blanc and the most majestic summits of the Alpine arc.
By following the slopes of Les Arcs 1600 and its hamlets, your tandem flight will then take you over the town of Bourg Saint Maurice and you will land right in the middle of town.

- WHO: For everyone, even young children (weight equal to or over 20 kg)
- DURATION: flight time 20-25 mins/ allow1.5 hrs in total (includes funicular and chair lift passes)
- WHERE: at the bottom of the Bourg Saint Maurice funicular or at Les Arcs 1600 (for those staying in Les Arcs), at the bottom of the Cachette chair lift
- WHEN: from 9 am to 1.30 pm
- RATE: 120 €


So as to benefit from the best aerology the valley has to offer us, we take our paragliders up to the Peisey-Vallandry ski resort bordering the Vanoise National Park, and take off on the slopes. This is also the take-off spot for the Prestige flight (a duration of).
After a 40-minute minibus ride up through the forests, you will arrive at the take-off site at an altitude of some 2,100 metres.
You will gaze upon the north face of the Bellecôte, La Plagne, Montchavin-Les Coches, and of course Les Arcs 1800 and the Dôme de Vaugel will reveal themselves in all their splendour.
The flight will end with a landing at the Ilettes which is in the valley between Bourg Saint Maurice and Landry next to the cycle path. There is a snack stand there so whoever is coming to pick you up can wait in comfort.

- WHO: Everyone
- DURATION: flight time 25 mins / allow 2 hrs in total (shuttle bus)
- WHERE: At the Arcs En Ciel paragliding school or at the Les Arcs 1600 or Les Arcs 1800 resorts. The service includes a return trip to the start point
- TIMES: at 2.45 pm and at 7.30 pm
- RATE: 120 €


So admiring the Tarentaise Valley the right way up isn't enough for you?!!
No problem - we can show you it upside down too. It is even a key aspect of paragliding - aerobatics!
With this exceptional tandem flight, you can enjoy wing overs, looping and infernal spirals - in short an entire programme reserved exclusively for those with nerves of steel who enjoy a little excitement!

- WHO: Not for the faint-hearted! ;-) 
- WHERE: as for all other morning or afternoon flights (Bourg Saint Maurice, Les Arcs 1600, Les Arcs 1800)
- WHEN: This tandem can be arranged for the same time as any other flights during the day.
- RATE: 130 €


The Prestige Flight is a paragliding tandem flight lasting a minimum of 45 mins.
It can only take place in the afternoon when nature offers us a generous aerology.
The take-off point is the same as for the afternoon valley flight, from the Peisey-Vallandry ski resort.
Your paragliding instructor will have a chance to show you all their dexterity and experience to ensure you get the most from thermal updrafts. Often during this flight you are able to fly over the peaks in Les Arcs rising up to an altitude of more than 2,500!

- WHO: from 14 years old
- DURATION: flight time 45 mins, allow 2 hrs in all (shuttle bus)
- WHERE: At Bourg Saint Maurice, at the Arcs En Ciel school, at Les Arcs 1800 or Les Arcs 1600.
- RATE: 160 €