The Paragliding Tandem Flight Gift Voucher

When you purchase online for a paragliding first flight, you will receive an attachment to the confirmation email, a ticket (or Gift Voucher) that you will forward to your beneficiary.

  • Your gift voucher is valid for two years from the date of purchase!
  • Rest assured, the gift voucher is not nominative even if it is addressed to a specific person.
  • The beneficiary must contact us by phone to choose the date of reservation, the place and time of the tandem flight.
  • Any delay in the appointment will result in the loss of your gift voucher.
  • Any cancellation on your part within 48 hours before your flight will result in the loss of your gift voucher.
  • Any gift voucher not presented or improperly printed will result in the request for a deposit.
  • The gift voucher is not refundable.

User manual gift voucher

Make your purchase online as usual and fill in the green insert for the gift voucher when you checkout. After validation, you will receive a confirmation email with the ticket attached, which you will forward to your beneficiary.

List of paragliding tandem flights

specimen paragliding baptism gift voucher
Here is the specimen of the paragliding gift voucher that you will receive when you have validated your purchase :)