All bookings must be made via the office at our school (or a sub-office) with a minimum deposit of 30€ per flight. The time and place of the rendezvous for the service will be confirmed when you book and you will be given a receipt for the deposit.


Tandem clients should wear sturdy footwear (mountain boots preferably but at least a pair of trainers), warm clothes (fleece, wind stopper etc.)
For sensitive people who suffer from travel sickness, we recommend you take appropriate medication beforehand.


Weather conditions can change quickly in our valley. Tandem pilots alone will decide whether the flight can go ahead or not. If the flight cannot take place, we undertake to contact you in order to reschedule the booking depending on your availability and our diary.
If the flight cannot be rescheduled, your deposit and any other payment will be fully refunded.


Tandem pilots are insured for their passengers.




A deposit of around 30% is required when booking a course.
A minimum of three people must book in order for the course to go ahead. In the event of an insufficient number of bookings, we will suggest another date or a reduced formula.


Arcs En Ciel is affiliated to the Fédération Française de Vol Libre.
you are obliged to obtain an insurance licence to benefit from our instruction.
That is why you need to bring a medical certificate indicating you are fit to paraglide.
The cost starts at 27€, depending on which options you have selected. The cost of the licence is not included in the course cost. Please bring a cheque (made out to FFVL) or cash.
Link to pdf files (medical certificate, parental consent, licence guide)


If the weather prevents you from participating in five consecutive days of a course, you will be offered the chance to complete the course on the following Saturday or Sunday. If you are not able to do so, you will be offered a voucher.